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Is that pesky lock acting up again? Our team of local locksmiths at Fensome Locksmiths can come to assist, day or night.

We know the stress that comes with discovering you are locked out of your home, or the sudden panic when your key breaks off in the lock. Our local locksmiths are prepared to take on any challenge when it comes to ensuring you peace of mind and security in your own home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our founder and owner, Craig Fensome, has over 20 years of experience in the field and has earned his Master Locksmith Association accreditation. Under his supervision, we ensure that you will receive a first-class locksmith service from any member of the Fensome Locksmith team.

Approved Company Members Of The Master Locksmith Association

Our domestic locksmith services are personalised to fit your needs.

Just as all keys are different, so are your needs. Rest assured that our local locksmiths are prepared to fight any locksmith battle, from misaligned doors and keys stuck in window locks to entire locking systems that need to be replaced following an eviction.

Our standard Domestic Services include the following:

  • Gaining access to domestic properties
  • Gaining access to domestic safes
  • Installation of patio doors, windows and garage locks
  • Insurance upgrades
  • Supplying and installing locks keyed alike
  • Supplying and fitting safes
  • UPVC door locks and handles

Further, our lock picking methods are designed to prevent any damage to your lock or home. In the event that you need an entire lock replaced, we will cut your keys right then and there, as well as tidy any mess made while fitting your new lock. We will also offer any advice we have for you based on the issues that have arisen, making an impact that lasts far beyond our time solving your problem.

While performing their services, our local locksmiths are friendly and professional, making you feel at ease and secure in the service you are receiving while likely in an otherwise-stressful situation. You will also receive a 12-month warranty on both the parts we provide and our labour.

Feel free to ring us with any questions about our domestic locksmith services on 01604 661 872, email us at, or complete our enquiry form.

We'll get you back into your Northampton home quickly with our localised service.

In addition to our reliable and honest locksmith services, we ensure a local response time of 30 minutes. We will ring you as we are en route and arrive punctually at the time discussed, prompt and ready to get started.

Once at the provided address, we will work efficiently to secure the property or get you inside. You’ve likely already spent an undesirable amount of time sorting the situation. Now that we are there to help, we prioritise saving you as much time as possible moving forward.

We are skilled at swiftly installing any necessary parts - though we do not trade quality for speed. We will be sure to test any products we install, as well as walk you through the steps as we complete our services so that you are well aware of what we are accomplishing and feel confident with putting your safety in our hands.

We also vow to only provide the services that you need. Our local locksmiths are trained with transparency in mind. In the event that you believe you need an entirely new lock installed, but we assess the situation and can fix your current lock, we will inform you of our diagnosis, only perform the necessary services.

Master Locksmith Association Members MLA Northampton

We’ve created a streamlined process to make your experience with our local locksmiths as simple as possible.

Although your situation might be far from relaxing, we assure you that at Fensome Locksmiths, we will make your experience with our domestic locksmith services as easy as possible.

Upon calling us, you will be taken through a simple and professional initial phone call to arrange your visit. One of our trustworthy local locksmiths will then contact you while they are on the way to your property with a more precise estimated time of arrival. Once there, the assigned locksmith will simply assess the problem, identify the issue, and secure your property. To ease your mind even further, our locksmith will explain each step of the process in layman’s terms, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

Rather, if the problem you explain to us through your initial phone call does not require a locksmith to come to your aid, we will walk you through the steps to fix it over the phone, saving you valuable time.

Our ultimate goal is to alleviate your stress from the given situation while completing our work to the highest standard possible.

At Fensome Locksmiths of Northampton, we guarantee a convenient experience during your not-so-convenient moments.

The need for our local locksmiths rarely presents itself at a convenient time. In order to combat this disruptive incident, we prepare everything in our power to ensure a favourable experience from the moment you first ring us.

We keep a large variety of parts on hand - even rare locking systems, so that you are never left waiting. We can cut as many keys for your new locks as possible right away, saving you an extra trip. We will even create a quote for your approval prior to sending a locksmith your way, maximising transparency.

Our Master Locksmith, Craig Fensome, and his team of 24-hour locksmiths care as much about your safety as you do, and are prepared to come to your aid at any time of the day, every day of the week. We conduct our business through professional conduct and excellent service while working honestly and efficiently.

If you have found yourself in need of a local locksmith in Northampton at this very moment, please don’t hesitate to ring our 24-hour emergency line at 01604 661 872.

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If you find yourself locked out or urgently in need of a locksmith, give Fensome Locksmiths a call and we will sort it out for you. References provided on request.

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