How to Find a Reputable Locksmith In Northampton

How to find a reputable locksmith in Northampton Featured Image

This article will cover how to find a reputable locksmith, and why it’s important to avoid one of the many rogue locksmiths. You only have to do a search on Google to know there are many locksmiths out there, but not all of them are qualified, trustworthy and reliable. A rogue locksmith can cause serious…

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Free Home Security Surveys In Northampton

Free Home Security Surveys Northampton Featured Image

Did you know that some home insurance providers will insist that you have British Standard Locks installed on your exterior doors? This means that if you don’t have the correct locks fitted, your insurance could be invalid, and your insurer could refuse to pay out in case of a break-in. That’s why we offer free…

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Unlock Securely with Abus Fingerprint Recognition Padlocks

Abus Biometric padlocks image of a woman unlocking a gate with fingerprint recognition

Biometric padlocks are a type of padlock that uses fingerprint recognition technology to unlock. Instead of a traditional key or combination lock, users can simply use their fingerprint to unlock the padlock. This type of padlock is becoming increasingly popular in recent years due to its convenient and secure nature. Enjoy Hassle-Free Access with Fingerprint…

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Five Ways To Spot A Rogue Locksmith

Five Ways To Spot A Rogue Locksmith In Northamptonshire Featured Image

Click. The deafening, unmistakable sound of a locked door closing behind you. The second of crystal clear clarity when you realise what’s about to happen but are powerless to prevent it. The uneasy feeling in your stomach of irritation, anguish and inconvenience. What to do next? Many of us fumble for our phone and do…

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When Should You Change Your House Locks?

Change your locks after a break-in image

The Top Eight Reasons You Should Change Your House Locks In 2022 Your home is the place you should feel the highest level of security for yourself, your family members, and your belongings. Understandably, when a lock is faulty or your home security system isn’t working properly, you’ll feel a sense of vulnerability and discomfort.…

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